sizes by age - obviously this is only a guide as there’s chubba-bubba’s and teeny-weenies

0000  newborn 

000    0-3 months

00      3-6 months

0        6-12 months

1 one year old

2 year old

3 year old 

4 year old

5 year old 

Babies are growing fast , you want things to start a bit large, fit nicely for a window of time in the right season and then squeeze them into it for the last little bit of wear. And then pass it down to another child. Thats the nature of it - you want them to be growing and thriving. Lots of the designs try to accomodate fast growing bub’s with special features , stretchy fabrics in leggings can last some children through a few sizes, some of the rompers have extra rows of snaps or buttons to lengthen as they grow and styles such as ponchos work well for a couple of years. Look out in the STYLE NOTES of the garment for this info and if not sure what size to get one of the styles with these special features may be the safest way to go.

There are garment measurements on some listings - I recommend laying something you already have flat and comparing measurements.